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Lavander Oil

Lavander Oil is derived from plant parts of the Lavandula augustifolia orchid, a type of plant found in tropical regions of India, Sri Lanka and southern Asia. Lavander Oil is an important oil derived from the flower buds of certain species of Lavandula augustifolia orchid. There are actually more than 400 species of Lavandula augustifolia orchid with various scents and properties. It is usually made into soap and water but it can also be used for cooking. People usually add a little amount of this oil to their soap when they use it to prepare a dish for themselves and for guests.

Lavander oil has its own advantages and uses. It makes soap making faster and easier. It has a good fragrance and is not easily detected, as it does not smell bad. The use of Lavander oil makes it very easy for you to mix the soap with your other ingredients. 

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A lot of people today use this type of soap and are enjoying the benefits it brings. The fragrance and other benefits of this kind of soap to make it a very popular soap to use. 

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