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Rose absolute oil

Rose oil for the hair is a great natural treatment for thinning hair. If you have thinning hair due to stress, illness, genetics or styling, you should try to include Rose oil into your hair care regime. It can stimulate blood flow and stimulate healthy growth by increasing blood circulation. You should also consider using Rose oil on your scalp to assist in hair regrowth. Just a few drops of rose essential oil on your scalp when you wash your hair, or massage into your scalp will stimulate your follicles.

Rose oil also has many cosmetic uses. You may find it useful to apply Rose oil directly to the wrinkles and lines in your skin. This works particularly well if you have an oily or combination skin tone. Rose oil can also soften and soothe any type of dry or chapped skin.

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Rose absolute oil for skin health is a valuable, natural source of antioxidants. It contains powerful antioxidant properties that help you fight free radicals which are found within our own bodies, including those which damage cell membranes and lead to premature aging and other serious conditions. The presence of free radicals within the body makes it difficult to fight disease and keep the immune system strong. The natural components found within Rose absolute oil help to eliminate free radicals.

Use Rose absolute oil as part of your daily skin care routine to ward off the effects of aging and promote soft, supple skin. For an even more dramatic facial experience combine a single drop of rose absolute with some Argan oil and lightly massage to the face for an exhilarating sensation. Rose absolute can be used as a pure essential oil or added to your skin care cream as a fragrance.


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