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Carrot Oil

Carrot oil is the one of the most effective natural oil. The oil is a sweet, woody, spicy scent and is light yellow, amber or brown in color. People from Asia, Africa, Europe and North America have used this extract as a health and beauty treatment since ages. It has even been the subject of scientific research.

What exactly is Carrot Seed Oil? The main compound is called Glycoside A which is a monoterpene that is extracted by steam distillation from carrots. It has been studied as a potential cure for diabetes, cancer, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, psoriasis and skin conditions like acne. It has also been used as a flavoring ingredient in various food products like bread, rice and vegetable oils. The most important characteristic about Glycoside A is that it is considered to be an anti-inflammatory which makes it an excellent anti-oxidant. This also helps to fight bacteria and viruses. It prevents enzymes from damaging tissues and helps in skin regeneration.

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Carrot Seed Oil is very safe to use. There are no known side effects of using this oil. It has been used widely in Europe and the United States of America for its health and beauty benefits. The use of it in food is quite common because of its health benefits, especially for those with diabetes, skin problems and arthritis. It is also used in cosmetics, as skin toner and for making baby oil. 

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