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Calendula Flower Soap

Calendula flower soap has been used for centuries as a treatment of many skin conditions from eczema to dermatitis. However, it’s also commonly used in beauty products as it’s high in antioxidant vitamins like carotenoids that are said to support the skin’s ability to repair itself faster. 

The first way that you benefit from using Calendula flower soap is to keep your hair shiny and healthy. When it’s fresh, it has a natural oil that keeps hair hydrated and keeps dirt out, but when it dries out, it becomes brittle and easily damaged. Using a mild Calendula shampoo once or twice a month will keep your hair in great condition while keeping it smelling and looking healthy.

Another of Calendula flower soap benefits is that it’s great for reducing acne scars and keeping your skin soft. Calendulas are high in antioxidants and they help prevent and remove free radicals from the body that can cause damage to your skin.

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Other Calendula flower soap benefits is that it’s great for relieving your skin from dryness. Some people suffer from dry skin all over their bodies, especially around their knees, ankles and hips. It’s been proven to relieve these problems and make your skin softer and smoother overall. You can also benefit from using Calendulas in a bath by adding it to your bath water so you can soak in it for an added bonus.